Grant-making has been and continues to be a large component of PRAJ. From the program’s inception in October 2003 through December 2007, PRAJ provided over 120 grants with a total value of more than US$11 million in USAID funding to 27 partner NGOs. Since 2008, the program’s second iteration, PRAJ II, has made 69 grants with a total value of more than US$7 million in USAID funding to 33 partner organizations (50 grants with a total value over US$3 million to 20 partner NGOs working primarily on the delivery of legal aid and 19 grants totaling nearly US$4 million to 13 partner NGOs protecting and supporting human rights).

Focus areas

  • Geographically, PRAJ’s support to human rights NGOs aims at providing coverage across the entire country; legal aid support has been aimed at major populations on the one hand, and areas where legal aid services are absent, on the other.
  • PRAJ’s thematic focus is on NGOs working in selected fields of human rights and access to justice, especially those relating to marginal and disadvantaged groups (including women, children, and poor and minority peoples), and those addressing issues relating to access to natural resources, particularly land. Other focus areas are developed in response to changing situations and needs.
  • PRAJ gives special attention to strengthening NGO networking, and to the ability of human rights NGOs to work synergistically with other groups and institutions.
PRAJ, while continuing to fund the grants described above, is not making new grants at this time, as we are within a year of the project's scheduled completion.