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Cambodian LGBT Law Conference Drafts Equal Protection Legislation - Mar 2014
PRAJ and Partners Assist CSOs with UPR Submissions - April 2013
Enthusiastic Trainees Suggest Bright Future for Mock Trial in Years Ahead - March 2013
Mam Sonando Release Reflects Coordinated Effort by PRAJ Partners - March 2013
Effective Investigation Establishes Client’s Innocence - February 2013
Sixth Annual Client Counseling Competition a Success - February 2013
EWMI Brings Cambodian Health and Justice Officials Together to Improve Prosecution of Counterfeit Drugs and Illegal Pharmacies - April 2013
Villagers Acquitted in Land Case Thanks to Effective Advocacy - December 2012
Cambodia’s Law Students Shine in International Competition - Aug 2012
Cambodia’s Gender-Based Violence Prosecution Clearance Rate Doubles in
One Year under EWMI Program - March 2012
EWMI-Mozilla Partnership Sparks Final Development of Khmer Firefox - February 2012
5th Annual Cambodian Law School Competition Signals Growing, Sustainable Program - January 2012
Evidence-Based PRAJ Programs Target Gender Violence in Cambodia - November 2011
Open Cambodia Conference Bridges Youth IT Sector and Human Rights NGOs - September 2011
PRAJ Counter-Trafficking Work with MoJ Leads to Foreign Pedophile Conviction - July 2011
Peaceful Demonstration Halts Clearing of Forest for Rubber Plantation - December 2010
PRAJ Develops the First Law Journal for Cambodia - September 2010
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