The PRAJ-supported television series Scales of Justice completed shooting its third season in May. The series is developed by the Women's Media Center, in collaboration with Cambodian jurists and PRAJ attorneys.
Creating Demand for a High Quality Judicial System
Following the popularity of the last two years' Scales of Justice TV drama, this May the East-West Management Institute (EWMI)-supported Women's Media Center (WMC) – an NGO based in Phnom Penh – has completed shooting a third installment of the entertaining television series designed to educate Cambodians about their legal system.

The fictional eight-part drama, Scales of Justice 3, follows on a successful second season in which it aired on three different channels in Cambodia: CTN, TVK, and TV3. The new storylines will continue to follow the ongoing saga of lawyer Pich Sotheary and police officer Meas Chamnan, with a focus this season on the crime of human trafficking. Over the past two years, the series has set out to demonstrate how Cambodians can use the courts to resolve problems they encounter in daily life, including important topics like land disputes and domestic violence. By depicting how an ideal legal system would operate without problems like graft and corruption, EWMI and WMC hope the popularity of the Scales of Justice series will create demand for such a system among the Cambodian public.

Many of the recent episodes featured situations that may be familiar to rural audiences, including land and labor rights. Other plotlines have focused on family drama, addressing commonly-held concerns about battling brethren over money. One episode followed characters as they tried desperately to gain control of an inheritance following the death of the family patriarch. Another episode also featured a family fight over money, but this time the characters were faced with dividing an inheritance after a messy divorce.

Along with court officials from Phnom Penh and Kandal province, EWMI legal experts provide technical advice on the scripts and during filming to keep the legal scenarios rooted in reality and to help lend an air of credibility to the drama. The producers have opted to film in real courtrooms, judges' chambers and prosecutors' offices rather than on movie sets.

With Scales of Justice 2 receiving widespread acclaim and high ratings, the start of shooting on the third season is met with high expectations. Season 3 is planned to air beginning August 2010.

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